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Think You’ve Received a Ticket in Error?

Contest a Ticket

If you feel you have received a parking ticket in error, you may file a complaint by calling (610) 841-9090, by filling out the Online Ticket Complaint Form below, or by downloading a PDF of the Ticket Complaint Form. Once you’ve completed the PDF form, email it to Jessica Torres.

At the time of complaint, the ticket gets placed on “suspension”. During this time, the fine remains at the amount it was at the time of the complaint. Once received by the Parking Authority, you will receive a letter with the results of our investigation and further instructions for either payment or appeal.

Reasons to Contest

  • You purchased a vehicle within the last 10 days and received a ticket for “No Current State Inspection” or “No Current Registration.”
  • You received a ticket for expired meter and you have a valid parking permit.
  • You were involved in a medical emergency.
  • Your vehicle was disabled.

  • You were making an emergency service call.
  • Broken or jammed parking meter.
  • There was an error with a sign.
  • Your windshield was replaced but the valid inspection sticker was not, resulting in a ticket for an un-inspected vehicle.
  • Your vehicle was involved in an accident.

Ready to Contest Your Ticket?

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Online Ticket Complaint Form

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