Caregiver Permit

Caregiver Permits are available for the following types of care at the residences in Residential Parking Permit areas.

  • In Home Medical Care
  • In Home Care

Applicant’s vehicle cannot be registered within the RPP area you are applying.

Caregivers may be issued a parking permit provided the address of the resident receiving the care is within said parking area and the resident requiring care forfeits a current valid permit or does not possess a current Residential Parking Permit.

Per City Ordinance 534 Section 06 Subsection D, requirements to obtain a parking permit for a caregiver are:

  • A Medical Affidavit signed by the Attending Physician and Health Care Professional
  • A completed application form in both the resident’s and caregiver’s name and address and a letter from the resident identifying the permit applicant as the caregiver and permission to forfeit their current valid permit or future permit
  • Photo identification and employment verification of the caregiver
  • A current DMV Vehicle Registration for the vehicle the applicant is requesting a permit for
  • Proof of residency in the permit area of the person receiving the care (Utility Bill, Lease Agreement/ Property Deed)