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Monthly Parking Permit

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The Allentown Parking Authority has 6 garages and 25 lots in and around the central business district to provide convenient, affordable, safe, and user-friendly parking. Permits for Decks and Lots are subject to availability. The APA office will contact you if your selected Deck or Lot is currently full. You MUST have access to a valid E-MAIL ACCOUNT to apply for a Monthly Parking Permit. This application process is for INDIVIDUAL parkers ONLY. If you are part of a corporate account, please contact the Customer Service Manager at:

How to Apply for a Parking Permit
Monthly Parking Rates
Parking Permit Application
Change Vehicle Form
Termination Form

Key Cards

Your key card contains a micro transmitter which will activate the entrance and exit gates at the deck to which you are assigned. Simply pass it in front of the reader – within a 4-inch distance to activate the gates.

Please treat your key card with care. Do not attempt to bend the key card and keep it out of direct heat. Do not leave it above the sun visor of your car, and keep the key card away from magnetic and laser sources.

All Contract Parkers

Note: Refund for unused time will not be made if termination occurs during the first full month of contract parking.

All vehicles on our property must be legally registered, inspected and insured.  You must supply the Allentown Parking Authority with the license plate numbers of all vehicles you may bring onto the lot.

No repairs or maintenance work is permitted on our property.

All Monthly Contract Parking

At initial sign-up for long term parking you will be required to pay all fees due at that time. This may include the current month and the next month’s fees and a fee for the key card, if applicable. Subsequent payments are due by the first of the month.

Payments received after the due date will result in termination of the account and possible forfeiture of any unused time as well as the parking space. Vehicles that remain parked at an APA facility when the account is not valid will receive private property tickets.

Refunds are based upon the date the account holder terminated the account, and the status of the account at the time of cancellation. Accounts held for less than one full billing period will be recalculated at the weekly and/or daily rate.

The account holder must contact our office to terminate or make changes to the account.