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Parking Permits

Be sure to look for signs for your zone. Your permit is for your designated zone. It will excuse you from time restrictions and from having to put money in meters within your zone. Your permit is not valid in any other zone.

A permit costs $25.00 for the first year and $20.00 for an annual renewal.

To be eligible, a vehicle must display a valid Pennsylvania license plate and must be registered to a residential address within the particular permit zone.

All residents who either rent or own a dwelling in the zone are eligible.

The permit increases the resident’s chance of finding a legal parking space by stimulating turnover and eliminating storage or nonresident’s vehicles; however, a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Residents who have a permit on their vehicle may park in excess of a time restriction that is within their district. Residents may also park at a meter without depositing coins if the meter is in their zone. However, the vehicle shall not be exempt from other parking restrictions or prohibitions including street cleaning restrictions, loading zones, five minute zones, red short-term meters, no parking areas and general safety regulations.

Visitors must follow the posted parking regulations within the zone. Long-term visitors will be allowed to purchase a temporary visitor permit that is good for up to 15 days per permit, not to exceed 30 total days per visit. The cost is $2.00 for a two week period.

The program is in effect during the same days and hours that normal parking regulations are in effect.

The permit does not exempt the holder from the 72-hour ordinance in the city.

To Obtain a Permit

Bring your Drivers License and Vehicle Registration card into the Authority’s office. They should show your address within the zone.

A permit can be obtained by a resident for a company owned car or a leased vehicle if the resident can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Parking Authority that he/she is a resident, and that he/she is the principle operator of the vehicle, and that the vehicle is a leased or company car.  Forms are available in our office or online.

If the car is registered to someone other than yourself, then a sworn affidavit stating that you are the principle driver of that vehicle must be presented. This affidavit must include the vehicle owners’ name, their relationship to you, the vehicle’s make, model, year and license plate number as well as the Vehicle Identification Number. This must be notarized. Forms are available in our office or online.

The permit is only valid for the license plate number that it was originally registered to. If the resident gets a new plate, the permit is invalid.  The resident must provide the registration for the new vehicle and/or plate.

Service vehicles and commercial vehicles are not eligible for the program.

Permits are non-transferable.

Payment is not refundable.

Company Car Form
Non-Resident Owner Form

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